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For patients whom never had the treatment before, Chemical Peels are a cosmetic procedure to achieve smoother and younger looking skin. It has been commonly used throughout the world most notably in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Chemical Peels are popular for being quick and achieving great results. Chemical Peels contain acid solution which simplifies the removal of dead skin cells that become embedded in the skins surface, revealing the fresh new layer of skin underneath.

The procedure is so effective it can be used to treat facial blemishes, acne scarring, wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, and fine lines around eyes, and freckles. Chemical peels can be performed on your entire face,  or specific areas of your face, including the neck, chest, hands, legs or arms. There are various types of acids involved in the peeling which may include alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid, lactic acids and retinol acids.

Dr. David will custom blend an acid that will suit your skin type and personal need. Even though each acid will be adapted to you, there are three main strengths of chemical peels that will suit you best.

Types of Chemical Peel Strength

Light Chemical Peels

This procedure is also known as a Glycolic Acid Peel. It lightly peels the skin and gives you a bright and consistent smooth look. The recovery time is very short and can be done during your lunch break from work, in fact it has earned the name “the lunch hour” peel. The procedure can be repeated multiple times to achieve optimal results.

Medium Chemical Peels

Medium Peels contains TCA (Tichloracetic Acid) that is best used for patients who have moderate sun damage, fine lines and weathered skin. For the best results this procedure is performed several times in a span of a few weeks or months. This chemical solution is left on the skin for a longer period of time. The physician then washes it away with water and applies a soothing ointment. Medium chemical peels are usually prescribed in multiple treatments..

Deep Chemical Peels

A Phenol Peel is the strongest form of all three types of Chemical Peels. This Peel is highly recommended for severely sun damage skin, acne scars and deep wrinkles. It has the most dramatic rejuvenation effect. This one-time procedure can last many years.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

  • Will make uneven skin tones more uniform
  • Can brighten and lighten the color of your skin
  • Refine wrinkle lines
  • Improve skin tightness and makes firmer
  • Reduces visible pores

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